Why Visual Learning

What exactly is visual learning?

Every human starts leaning through sensory perceptions like touch, sight, and hearing. However, everyone has his own preference on how he retrieves and absorbs information. If a person learns through sound and can remember voice and things said to him better than any other way, he is known as auditory learner. And the person who remembers what he sees, and memorizes and understands it better is known as a visual learner.

People who find it easier to process information visually presented to them are said to have a visual learning style. These people “see information” and store it in their minds in form of visuals. For example, they visualize people while trying to remember a conversation or visualize a page while trying to remember a lecture.
Effectiveness of visual learning

In visual learning, there are various techniques and strategies which can the understanding and performance of the students. It also makes teaching much easier as children tend to learn concepts through visuals much better.

In Pre-Algebra and Algebra there are very complex vocabulary terms and concepts involved which make no sense at all in the real word. This complexity can be tackled by using visuals and interesting real life scenarios through stories. This helps the students in understanding and memorizing the concepts and applying them in real life.
Stories based on theme: the best way to teach visual learners

Children love stories and the colorful visuals and interesting characters associated with them. They boost the imagination of the children and help them in understanding things in a much better way. We can make use of their interest and teach various concepts through these stories. Stories can be an amazing tool in teaching visual learners and we, Visual 65, use them to teach difficult Pre-algebra and Algebra concepts to them.